Gentle & non-foaming, our Bioactive Cleansers contain the some of the most technologically advanced skin purifying agents in strictly controlled, ultra-potent concentrations to maximize their efficacy while deeply cleansing the face of all impurities and remaining make-up.

Why does this matter? The first step in any skin care regimen is to prepare the skin by removing the makeup, dirt, and grime that accumulates throughout the day. A thorough cleansing of the skin is crucial to create the perfect canvas for the products to come. Improper cleansing not only prevents the full absorption of active ingredients but also provides an environment for bacteria and sebum to accumulate, resulting in whiteheads, blackheads and other blemishes and can even accelerate the aging process.

The Bionova range of Bioactive Treatment Cleansers go beyond traditional cleansers to provide a holistic regenerative treatment experience whilst gently cleansing the skin from impurities– prepping you for the next step.